What is a postpartum Doula?

A person who provides knowledgeable, unbiased support in a compassionate calming manner as you recover from childbirth and learn to navigate life with your new baby (babies!).

Bindi Kumar has enjoyed offering birth and postpartum doula services to families in New York City, California, Florida and North Carolina since 2013.

As an inclusive doula, Bindi who is also bilingual in Spanish, makes it a goal to offer the information, education and support parents need to make their own informed choices in birth and parenting. 

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Physical Support

A postpartum doula provides comfort measures to make sure the birthing parent is recovering, healing and resting. They also assist the family in learning how to care for the newborn.

Emotional Support

The postpartum doula offers a nurturing and calming presence while you gain confidence as a new parent. We are here to talk, laugh or silently support you and your family's unique needs.

Informational Support

The postpartum doula provides references, assistance and resources for the entire family. This includes newborn and infant feeding support and sleeping techniques.